08-14 Challenger The Original Mr. Norm's Challenger Cuda Grille Insert New (MNCG)

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  • MNCG
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  • NEW MR. NORM'S CUDA GRILLE for the MODERN CHALLENGER FITS 2008 TO 2013 DODGE CHALLENGER Give your vehicle a vintage Cuda look by adding a unique grille. High quality urethane, painted and ready to install!!!! Easy No Drill installation, for a totally differeent look to your precious Challenger. The Original Mr. Norm’s Product Division CUDA STYLE GRILL INSTALLATION FOR 2008 – 2013 DODGE CHALLENGER Your new ‘Cuda grille is ready to install right out of the box. To install, follow these simple steps. 1 First, remove any badges that are on the stock grille. They are held in with clips and remove easily. 2 Clean the grille surround surface using a clean cloth that has not been contaminated with any waxes or polishes. Carefully clean the grille surround surface to remove any dirt, followed by 3M aerosol wax and grease remover or household rubbing alcohol. 3 Note that the ‘Cuda grille has a top and bottom. The top can be identified by the location of the Made in the USA sticker on back of the grille. 4 Pre-fit the Cuda grille into place in the factory grille surround before removing any of the backing from the double face tape on the outside perimeter of the grille. 5 Peel back the corners on the tape backing, leaving about an inch at each end so that you can pull it when the grille is installed. Using masking tape, secure the peeled back tape to hold it in place. Next, apply the supplied 3M Adhesion Promoter pad to the grille surround surfaces that will contact the double face tape on the Cuda Grille. This will provide excellent adhesion for double face tape. 6 Locate the Cuda grille into place, being sure the fit is perfect. Next pull the tape backing off, and gently press the grille insert into the grille surround. 7 Congratulations, your Cuda grille is installed.